Monday, July 27, 2015

Milestones and memories....

Growing up, birthdays were a big deal in our house.  
Not necessarily lavish parties, but it always involved a cake made by mom, and almost always had some sort of decorative figurine on the cake. 

 Friends and relatives were often invited for food and celebrating.
  When the boys were young, I continued the traditions of celebrating the birthdays in style, 

Yet, through the years, we've sort of grown out of the habit of celebrating birthdays in point:  
Thing 1 turned 18 earlier this cake, just chicken, lots and lots of chicken...with the only candle around, the baptismal candle.

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for every birthday we get to enjoy as a family.     We just don't necessarily pull out all the stops to celebrate.   Why that is....I'm not real sure.   

However, this year, is a milestone year, we would indeed celebrate.
  As a family, we took a big trip to Europe...where every over-budget meal was attributed to it being my birthday.   Never have I enjoyed so many birthday dinners.   
  with a birthday toast with most every meal....

As the real day started to approach, I was back in the mode of thinking no big deal.   But, along comes my friend MB.  
She offered to host a party in my honor.  I admit, that sounded like fun....and took her up on her offer to plan a ladies night in, in honor of my 50th birthday.  That's MB and her "little guys"...

 Thursday,   I casually mentioned that it was another friend's 50th in about 10 days, and within less than a day, fabulous hostess that MB is, had managed to let everyone know it would be a double party and even made sure that some of SR's favorites were invited.
  Now that's my kind of hostess...MB, if you read this, thank-you, thank
-you, thank-you...

So Saturday night we gathered for a celebration.   Perhaps it was a bit of dementia, but I found myself if it were my 21st (if you get my boozy drift).

   Note to others:   the fruit in Sangria?   Packs a powerful punch that is likely to induce a serious case of Sangria Flu the next day.  
Side Bar:  Uh oh...looks like I have had this problem for most of my life?  

Ah, but it was a good time.   We laughed, and giggled, and even reflected on the true gifts in our lives....and then we recalled how just 10 short years ago, several of us had gathered for a 40th birthday.  
Where did the years go?  
  •  Ten years ago, we were giddy at being out without the kids under foot.   A slumber party at The Embassy Suites.   Girlfriends, junk food and!
    Ten years later,  now we often find ourselves home alone, waiting anxiously while the kids drive off or ride off with their friends as the driver.  Sleepless nights have a different meaning.  Now insomnia is likely related to the worries of parenting teens or drops in estrogen level (and often a combination of both)
  •   Ten years ago college talk involved reminiscing of the good old days of our own college years, not thinking it would soon be time for our kids to start applying to colleges.  Suddenly those "road trip stories " to Ft. Collins that I thought were a blast?   Yeah, they mean something different through the parent lens.   
     CH and MM...10 years ago...
  • 10 years ago, we knew that with the good friends by our side, we could face many of challenges.   10 years later, we have discovered first hand how much truth was in such a statement.    
 For we have held the hands of our friends as they have lost a sibling,
a parent, and even one of our own...
  • We've reassured one another through times of unemployment and return to the work force.  
    We've supported one through weight losses and gains.  
  • 10 years ago, we searched for the perfect chick flick (we watched Thelma and Louise then) and realize that...Hollywood has yet to create the perfect milestone birthday movie...(Hollywood, can you work on fixing that by my 60th?  Thanks!)  
  • 10 years ago, we hoped that  we'd be together for the long run....and while we know that life offers no such promises and guarantees I do know that what my parents taught me so many years ago...
and that ."There is always room for more" ...
  Remain as true as ever...
And that what they say about 50? 

Yep, so far it's rocking!  


Terri Kulas said...

Hey, Martha. It looks you had a blast on Saturday night. May the good times continue all week.
Love Terri

tz said...

Lovely! And I so appreciate the hand holding