Saturday, July 04, 2015

Home Sweet Home

While it is always exciting to go on vacation, there is a certain joy that comes with being home again.

The Things and I flew home earlier this week.   We've spent the week recovering.   Not sure how much is actual jet lag vs. how much is just unwinding and relaxing into summer vacation mode.  Ok, the waking up at 0400 ready to start the day is probably jet lag.   But the lounging on the couch, binging on Netflix (The Unbreakable Kimmy Schimidt, funny and oh so wrong at the same time) and Hulu (HELLO?   Had to watch Season 2 of Devious Maids now that Season 3 has started) is likely more due to summer kick back mode than any travel related side effect.      Reluctant to work in the yard and pay bills:   hey, that's me regardless of the time of year

So, now that I'm home, with a flash drive loaded up with my pictures and reliable tools to upload and share, I hope to make several blog updates in the days to come.    For the good stuff, see Hubby's blog.  
 Not only does he have a great camera, he has the talent to put it to proper use.  And, he's teaching Thing 2 a trick or two along the way.    I hope to update this blog with some of the lesser important but still memorable moments from our trip.   
 We've been asked by pretty much everyone "So, what was your favorite?"
   I am not sure how to answer that since the trip itself was grand in scope with several small vacations all lumped into one.   Not so much a favorite destination or sight, but my favorite memory has to be how we managed to get through 3 weeks of constant family togetherness, sharing most every meal together, squished into a tiny European rental car, often sharing one hotel room, and in the end, came out smiling.    

Granted, there were some less than happy moments, but we were all able to shake it off and move onto the next stop, fresh mind and attitude in hand.

That is indeed what made this adventure so very grand indeed!
Until next time...

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