Saturday, June 06, 2015

And we're off....

And we're off...

After what seems to be months of planning and preparing, the day has finally arrived for our grand adventure.

I thought I would blog a few of the details of how we got to this point.

Almost 20 years ago, Hubby and I celebrated our wedding by going to Europe.  During that trip, we flew to Frankfurt Germany and worked our way south, going as far south as Florence before heading back to Frankfurt.   I told myself then that someday I would visit Italy again.

That someday is here, and instead of going with just the Hubby, we're bringing along our two Things.   Things that 20 years ago were just wishes and dreams.

I will celebrate a milestone birthday later this summer and wanted to do something truly memorable to mark this event.   While typically, birthdays aren't really a big deal in our family, this one has rather special meaning to me.  Both my mom and my dear friend Judy were in hospice when they crossed over into their 50s, and well, it seems the best way to celebrate their memory is to take advantage of the reality that yes, for now, I seem to have a few birthdays left to be celebrated.

So tag along with the Chang Gang as we take on Europe!   Let's hope they are ready for us!

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