Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Held Back

10 years ago...we made the challenging decision to have Thing 1 repeat second grade.
To this day, it remains one of the best decisions we as parents have made for him on the academic front.     As his parents we  researched and advocated for him to be "Held Back"    In the end, it has proven to be a very good decision:   he's blossomed and matured, and I am grateful that we were able to give him that precious gift of time to do so on his terms at his pace.  

And yet today, I found myself slightly more reflective on the subject.   Friday, the classmates he started out with will graduate and today was their final day on campus.
 This little darling is graduating at the top of her class...way to go Ms. BB!
And this cutie...has grown into quite the accomplished artist!

   Rehearsal, tribute assembly, senior bbq:   yeah, not much learning was going on within the halls of the school.   But, it was a fun day even as I contemplated some "what ifs".  

These two humored me enough to let me take their pictures and text their mamas a picture of their last day at school.
And finally...
A special shout out to our nephew, who also graduates on Friday.

 See, all things happen for a reason....we couldn't be two places at once...right?!  

So this year, we celebrate the graduates of 2015...knowing that Thing 1 is right behind ya...
right where he belongs!

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Andy & Laura said...

Amen to that! So thankful my peeps could be here to celebrate our joy with us this weekend. And, looking forward to sharing in yours next year!