Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Catching Up: November edition

Dear Blog,

Just as the Things had some explaining to do to Santa, I fear I have some explaining to do to you.   I have neglected you greatly.   It's been months since I've logged in, wasn't even sure I remembered the password.  

So, where do I start?   BUSTED, I know.   You see where I snuck in and entered a few of my missing gratitude challenges.   I'll have to re-evaluate that tradition next year as it was incredibly difficult to find the time and match it up with creative inspiration.   The entries I did complete, were fun, but towards the end it did become more chore like.   As it was, as soon as Thanksgiving week arrived, well, there ya go....I even failed on the challenge I gave to some of my friends to share via face book.  They completed it, me not so much.

So, yes, where were we....
For starters, Thing 2 and Hubby drove over the river, and via the toll road to retrieve Grandpa from the airport.  Yep, he'd flown into town for the holiday weekend.

Joining us was Auntie Terri and Miss Donna (or sometimes referred to as Pepsi Donna because she's a Pepsi drinker compared to the usual beverages of a holiday meal)

And the gang is all here (minus Hubby who was kind enough to take the picture

 As you can see, a good time was had by all!   What a pleasant treat to see Thing 1 join us at the table.   Now granted, his turkey consisted of the chocolate turkey from Sees and he had several slabs of bacon and tried to call it good but hey. he joined in the celebration and conversation so I will try  not to sweat the little details.
 Speaking of sweating the details:   this year, we graduated to using an electric carving knife.   OMG:   what took us so long to join the crowd of a carefree turkey carving.    And folks, that was the biggest 12 pound turkey I've ever cooked.   The Safeway turkeys arrived without the poundage listed, and since they price them based on pounds, I swear the manager was telling them to ring 'em all up at the 12 pound price.    We feasted on that bird and had lots of left overs.
Just as we've turned over the keys to teach Thing Two to drive, we also let him have a go at carving the family bird.   For the record, he's doing well with mastering both these grown up tasks. 

I hope everyone saved room for dessert

We had the traditional homemade pie...and 
tried our hand at a homemade pumpkin-toffee cheesecake.
   In a word?  YUM!

 We spent the rest of our visit with Grandpa, enjoying the symphony
*Thanks for the treat Grandpa!
Playing a game of monopoly
Better keep an eye on the banker, we suspect he was embezzling...
Grandpa needed a bit of a refresher course from youngest grandson 
And here Grandpa discovers we play the "South Park" edition, with lots of potty references...
And yes, we all enjoyed Grandpa's reaction when he discovered the utilities all had a poop inspired name

So as you can see, old trusty Blog, I have indeed neglected you, but it was not done intentionally.   I just got caught up in the joy of spending time with my family and friends. 
Until next time... 
Martha  the remorseful blogger

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