Saturday, November 01, 2014

Gratitude Day 1: Beauty

November 1st:   you know what that means, right?   Time for some gratitudes to start flying around on the internet.

Throughout the years, this challenge has waxed and waned in popularity and practice.   Regardless of the facebook/twitter trends, I stay true to my original intent of pausing at this time of year to reflect on the many blessings in my life.  30 days of Gratitude, starting November 1st.

  Why do I remain so loyal and committed to this practice?   I'm not sure:   sure I like routine-and-predictable (yes, I am a creature of habit) but I also can easily become distracted and fall into lazy habits (Case in Point:   a blog that gets updated once a month, if even that).

No, I think the reason that I return to this practice year after year is the comfort it gives me.   A way to slow down, reflect on the little things, and set aside a sliver of time each day to reflect on a gratitude or two.  

But, I admit, it is hard not to sound like a broken record year after year.   I've always "winged it", not following any of the countless "lists" out there aimed at helping participants guide their gratitudes.   This year, I'm taking ideas from those listed on this web site.   I figure, no sense in re-inventing the wheel, nor do I feel like I've got it in my to be flying solo for 30 days.  It should be interesting to see how I fare with having some prompts to guide my gratitudes this year.

Day 1:   Beauty

Yeah, aren't we a trio of hotties?   
Yeah, you know there is more I have to say on this topic...

I recently stumbled across a new quote.   Ok, new to me.

And this evening, I am reflecting and grateful for the beauty of friendships.   In particular, I am grateful for those beautiful friendships that form out of a cloudy situation, and yet have brought so much laughter and light to my life.

The two ladies I am enjoying tea with are members of what we call Team Judy.   Yeah, Judy had friends besides me (I know, hard to imagine, giggle giggle).
 Judy and Patty 
Judy and Donna
  We knew of each other, but our social circles didn't intersect all that often.
  Until Judy got sick.   That changed everything.

Since Judy passed away, we'd gather occasionally.   Dinner, drinks, even a wedding or two.  Today, we met up enjoying one of Judy's favorite past times, having tea.

What a beautiful day it turned out to be:   a chance to catch up, laugh a little and enjoy some very beautiful treats at the Brown Palace Hotel.

Thank you Donna and Patty for the beautiful friendship we have enjoyed these past few years.    Looking forward to many more beautiful celebrations shared together.
PS:   one of us needs longer arms, we aren't so great at these "groupies" with our short arms

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