Friday, July 25, 2014

How did we end up here?

Whoa:   How is it that we're staring at the last weekend in July already?  
And that folks are starting to remind me that Sunday is
Yep, my birthday....the last one before I enter a new decade.
So, let's did we get to this point...I'll back up a bit and catch up on what's been happening here at the House of Chang
Last weekend, Thing Two and I joined a few neighborhood friends for an afternoon of culture...
Ok, so the symphony was performing the Music of Harry Potter and as such, it wasn't as cultured of an event as I'm portraying it to be.  But, perfect seats, fabulous music, wonderful friends and shelter from the sweltering heat outside?   Yeah, I'll take it!  
I also found myself with a sippy cup sized just right at our "Coffee Club Happy Hour" last Friday night
Again, a bit misleading, I really only had a small glass of wine and chased it with a couple glasses of water..
But this was our honest to goodness view
*soon after I snapped this we were treated to the most wonderful sunset of oranges and blues...
*Always extra happy when happy hour is within walking distance of my own house.
Saturday evening was our neighborhood's wine tasting evening..
I managed to snap just one photo of S and J before the sun set..
S. and I have spent a lot of time together this summer...
not only reconnecting with a long time friend, but taking care of our bodies..
A couple days a week, we meet and hoof it through this path...
It's a challenging route with some significant hills to climb but each day gets a little easier.

Not everything is going perfect in this quest to find fitness before 50...
 Krispy Kale, sound good, nice crunch to it, but a bit too earthy flavor for me.  
Jogging through a  5k:   went great the first two weeks, but then the knees started to hurt.
Sorry, but sort of need those knees to do their job so I'll stick with walking.
Oh well, I'll keep at it, just have to sort through what works and what doesn't...

In other news, Hubby has a new job, working from home.  But first he had to travel to UT to meet his new team.  While he was gone, this one took over his dad's spot in the family room...

Look at that grin...he does indeed know that he's in his daddy's spot!

Equal billing for the other thing?   Tough to include a photo...he's going through that hibernation mode of the teenager.   He is in driver's ed this week, so I suspect pictures will follow in the weeks to come as he starts taking to the road.

So, yes, this pretty much sums up how we got here, to the final stretch of my summer break.
We haven't taken any exciting trips, but I have slowed down and focused on the details..
spending time with friends
spending time taking care of my body
spending time in the company of a good book
 spending time either loving or annoying my family (that changes on an hourly basis....)

Until next time...

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