Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Madness

Much as I wish I could indeed sit around and do nothing this Spring Break, I am determined to tackle several little projects that I've been putting off doing. One thing is to update the blog.

It's hard to imagine that here we are at the end of March.   The month really has flown by.   Here are just a few of the highlights in our family.

For Hubby, I'm pretty sure he'd say the highlight was taking receipt of his new motorcycle.   Valencia served him well, but the allure of the new 2014 model coupled, with an enabling spouse (raising my guilty hand) and some general trust issues when it comes to Valencia's engine reliability all served as signs that it was time to move on to a new model.

Introducing:   Scarlett....
I must admit, she's a very pretty rig and I'm liking the name more than my original suggestion of Lucy.   Yeah, if you want a new trusting relationship, naming your rig Lucy is probably NOT a good idea.
A sense of peace and calm has returned to our house...knowing that hubby now has motorcycle options for year round riding.   Bring on the Spring Snow Blizzard, we're ready!

In other family news, Thing Two spent a lot of time this month in the orchestra.   For starters, there was the annual String-a-thon.   What a great concept this is.   All the middle school orchestra students in our district, practice a series of 10 pieces.   The students then test off on each piece and passing earns them a chance to perform that piece at the large gathering of all the students.   Again, this year Thing Two conquered them all and I admit, it's pretty cool seeing over 350 students all playing together in one large setting.  
Not long after this performance, he shifted gears for another performance event..
This is a try-out orchestra.    During 7th grade, he got nervous right before try outs and decided not to try out.   Once his nerves calmed down, he regretted his decision and his teacher, the ever fabulous Mrs. R, was kind enough to make an exception and let him do a late try out.   He ended up being selected as an alternate.  This year, he tried out, did his best and guess what...he made it!   Yeah, I admit, I'm bragging now.   But holy smokes if you could hear these kids'd appreciate how tough the competition is.

For Honors Orchestra, the students all gather for about 8 hrs of rehearsal.   And then they give a fabulous concert.   I found myself failing in my attempt to hold back the I recalled a conversation some years ago when we first started parenting a violist.   Concerts?   Oh my gosh, if we must.   They were a painful ordeal that we endured.   I recalled Judy Lish telling me "Martha, they get better, I promise".   And right she was...
Ok, so you can't spot him, but trust me, he's tucked in behind the cello player.

And here he is...saying his final farewell to his cub scout uniform (yep, in an effort to simplify things, we've been doing some serious Spring cleaning...take a picture and move on has been the motto of late...

And so what about Me and Thing One..
Well for starters...we were goofing around to see how much taller everyone is than me...
As I am only 5'4", if that these days...being taller than Mom is really nothing to brag about..

For Thing One:   he let's me post embarrassing pictures like this of him on Facebook, but is hesitant to let me take current pictures.   He's cracking us up with his quick remarks.   Some recent favorites include
  • A recent meeting with his case manager, when I teased him about fixing her a warm beverage (she had a bit of a cold and wasn't feeling good), he quickly replied "I don't know how to fix you a warm beverage, but I can pour you a whiskey, will that work?".   There ya go:   we were talking about career options.
  • He also came home beaming with pride that his math teacher had praised him for having one of the highest grades in the class.  Ok, hold the applause, his grade was only an 83% at that time.   He smiled as he said "If I can get my science grade up I will be embracing my Asian heritage".  

And as for me...March has proved to be a good month.   I've got a new assistant at work and while I miss my good friend Susan dearly, I am at least not so frantic trying to figure out how to do it all on my own.   

The kids at work give me plenty of reasons to smile.   Especially our special needs students.   Something about their genuine nature, keeps me grounded, reminding me that the little worries I have are indeed just that...little worries.

So with this recap...I can strike one more thing off my to do list..
Hope you all enjoy a little break this Spring!  

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happiness is sometimes a surprise!

I'll admit, I'm not one who enjoys surprises.  I like things planned and organized to the best of my ability.   Yep, even when I was pregnant, I wanted the ultra sound person to tell us boy or girl.

But last night, I was reminded that there is indeed great happiness to be found in a surprise.

Our friend is turning 50 and her husband and family wanted to make sure she was honored and celebrated.   As well she should, she's really is a remarkable person and someone that I consider it a great honor to call friend.

So for the past couple of months, we've all been mindful of our conversations with her, careful in what we sent through email and face book, doing our best to ensure that the surprise went off as planned.

I think the video shot by my own talented hubby pretty much tells the rest of the story...  
Jacqui:   Happy Birthday!   I'm sure you will rock the 50s!  

Monday, March 03, 2014

What brings a nurse to tears?

When the parent calls to tell me thanks.   Yep, that is all, a simple thank you is all it took.

A few weeks ago, I was called in to help a counselor with a distraught young student.    Seemed she had made a decision that she regretted after the fact.   Yep, a boy was involved.    Then last week she came back in, concerned about new details she had heard about the boy.     I thought it was a bad clinic encounter:   We kept getting interrupted, she was shy and didnt know how or what to ask.  

Of all the things I help kids with, I admit, having conversation about kids having sex is my least favorite.   It can all go so wrong.   Kids hear what they want.   They can twist my words for their purpose,   And well, I am a mom to teenagers.   It is all just unsettling.   But it is part of my job, so I do it. I talk to the kids about intimate relationships.

But this time, it went right.   I encouraged the girl to please confide in her parents.    Legally I am not obligated to call parents when kids report certain concerns but as a mom, I really push hard for the kids to confide their concerns in a parent.  

This girl apparently not only confided in her parents, but according to her mom, it was because of my kindness, she knew that she could tell her mom.

Mom went out of her way to call and thank me for helping her daughter.
And well...that is what got me crying, it is indeed why we do what we do, things we don't necessarily like to talk about, but need to.