Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sunday Funnies

 Seems last week, there was a football game....
And despite all the local hoopla
Our home team did not seem to do as well as we'd hoped...

I didn't really notice, as I had picked up a new book at the library 
*It's good, I mean, REALLY REALLY GOOD...

It's been a sad week for me at work, as my wonderful friend and awesome co-worker, Susan accepted a new position
Sure, we'll hire someone else (or risk my going insane, we're still need deep in the thick of cold-and-flu season, with a heavy side of "I don't want to be in class" syndrome")....but seriously... there is only one Susan and she's leaving some pretty big shoes to fill.

It's also been a pretty cold week....yes, you are looking that correctly, -9 degrees when I pulled into the parking lot at work.   Sure makes me grateful for those heated bun warmers.    

And happy that Hubby was riding in Millie
Our "new to us" second car.   After almost 3 years of being a one car family, we've come to appreciate the challenges this poses, and when a great deal on a used car fell into our lap, we snatched it right up.
It'll also be the vehicle the Things learn how to drive.
Oh my....did I just type that?   where have the years gone?   
Ok, I admit, not necessarily the best picture of the Hubby, but I like the smile on Thing One's face...
It is so seldom I can capture him smiling for the camera.   That isn't to say he doesn't keep us smiling...

This week, his math teacher complimented him on how well he's doing in her class.   Apparently, he has one of the highest grades in her class.   Which is rather sad, given what his actual grade it, but still...a compliment is a compliment, and high school geometry at our school has the reputation of being a tough class.
Thing One was beaming when he announced to me "Yeah, Mom and if I can bring my Science grade up I really will be embracing my Asian heritage"  

Silly boy...where does he get this from?  (raising my guilty hand as the silly sense of humor is indeed a trait he's inherited from my people).
Or maybe not....after reading the academic funny on facebook, Hubby's younger brother sent us this cartoon...
Seems there is a sense of humor on both sides of the family tree for my guys!

Anyways...I'll wrap this hodge-podge blog update with a final photo
Seems Hubby's beloved side cars were featured in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.
Stay we too may be sporting something flashy and red in our garage in the months to come..
No, I'm not talking about the javelin spear....although I admit, it would make a rather strong statement if I showed up at work like that...
Don't mess with the nurse, she's got a javelin and she's not afraid to use it?