Monday, January 06, 2014


I have had a case of the back to work blahs.   2 weeks off, and I was enjoying sleeping in, lounging around, just basically taking my time to do only the bare minimums.

 I was not only liking this break, I was loving it.

This morning I dragged  myself back to work...I was dreading it.   The students have finals coming up, it is cold and flu season, and it was bitter cold. I  just wasn't in the mood to deal with any of it!

My office phone rang, even before I had officially turned on the lights and opened the door for the day(0650!)

It was a mom, saying "I just don't know who to start with, so I picked you."

Turns out her 16 year old son has been diagnosed with leukemia and she knew she needed to let the school know, but well...that first call is so hard.

It jolted me back to reality.
Yes, I love being home.
No, I wasn't in the mood for a flurry of faux illnesses.

But this call reminded me, I am here for more than Tylenol, band aids, and convincing the reluctant student that they need to be back in class.

No, I won't play a direct role in this student's battle against cancer.  Shucks, he may graduate without ever coming back to the large school setting (we have home bound teacher programs for seriously ill students).

 This morning, yes, all I did was answer the phone...and listen..and shared the information with others.

But being there, helping support this parent, and later helping the younger sister get through her first day back...reminded me that as much fun as is it to chill at home, there is somewhere else I need and want to be when break comes to an end.


tz said...

ah poor mama, poor kiddo! glad you were there to take her first call.

Colleen Dobson said...

Yrp. Lucky mom got you on the other end of the phone. Go Martha!