Saturday, November 09, 2013

Thankful for Day 9

Perhaps it is a t.m.i. gratitude, but boy these signs that tell you what to expect at the next exit sure were a big help to me this afternoon.

Backing up a bit, Hubby and I took a little road trip...

The kind folks at Unique Rides in Ft. Collins spent the summer trying to help Hubby sell this spare side car rig (anyone in need of a side car?  call us, we'll talk).   However, with winter arriving, they figured it was time to send Yoshie home and we'll re-evaluate the plan next Spring.

Since we were up in Ft. Collins, I decided to take Judy's daughter, Allie out to lunch.
  While I love being a mom to boys, there are some things I miss out on:   and  one of those things is lunch-and-shopping.   Boys not so into that, but Allie was of course very willing to serve as my stand-in daughter.    We had a lovely time...chatting, laughing and eating.   We both commented that while the restaurant we chose was pleasant enough service, the food itself was ho-hum.

About 30 minutes into my drive ho-hum decided to talk back...thus the need for a quick pit stop.   Oh thank heavens for those signs that tell you what services to expect at the next exit!    

But all silliness aside, I am most thankful for having had a chance to spend the day with this young lady....With Allie, I always get  a little dose of what it's like to have daughter (if even only borrowed for a few hours), and I know her momma would be so proud to see how well she's working through some challenges, showing us all what strength and grace she really has!    
Allie, your mama loves you...and so do we!

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