Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful for Day 21

Thankful for the bun warmers on the BMW and the short commute...
And of course, Thankful that despite the rough road conditions, Valencia managed to get my man to work without too much trouble.

Today was really the first rough-weather commute of the season.   Oh how I come to dread these days.   No, not because of my commute (3 stop signs, 2 stop lights, and 1 mile), but because of the antics of others. 

From the fools that feel the size of their vehicle allows them to take excessive risks on icy roads, to a climate change that I see happening with students and staff.   It just gets to me.   My filter starts to fade, and well, let's just say Captain Blunt had reported for duty today!   (thankful that my supervisors tolerate my occasional blunt and filter-failing my principal remarked today with a grin "that's one of the things we really like about you!)

But looking towards the gratitude in all of this:   we've had our everyone can settle into a routine that yes, it's approaching winter time in the Rockies.   Anything is include the hope that tomorrow will bring clear skies and bright sunshine!  And, honest I promise to make sure I pack my friendly smile tomorrow for work!  

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