Monday, November 18, 2013

Thankful for Day 17

I continue to be a day behind....but am determined to plug away and complete this gratitude challenge.

Yesterday, I decided to plug away and finish up this book.   And, I'm thankful I proved to be a pleasant read, even if the topic is unsettling and sad.   Spanning several years, this book tells the story of Andras, who leaves his home in Hungary to study architecture in Paris.   Unfortunately, with Hitler's rise to power and as the world starts to gear up for WWII, he is forced to return to Budapest where he is called into service in one of Hungary's work camps.   Yes, the material is heavy and sad but the author does a very good job of creating characters that are interesting and likable.  

I so enjoy escaping with a good book....and thankful that I make this is a priority in my down time.   Completing this book marks the 64th book I have read this year!   So, I guess I should add in a double gratitude...I'm thankful that my husband and boys put up with me having my nose stuck in a book for many lazy weekend afternoons!

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