Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thankful for Day 10

As an adult, I have been so fortunate to make friends along the way that have become like family.  Now granted, I am a social person which of course helps, but the ease at which I welcome others into my home and my personal family life, is something I learned growing up.

Yes, my parents had plenty of extended family that they were close to.    But they also opened their hearts to their neighbors.   With the simple act of starting a friendship, sharing a cup of coffee (or since this was Wisconsin, more than likely it was a beer...or two), inviting strangers into your world, we have all enjoyed a lifetime of friendship from these great families.

So my first gratitude is to my parents, for showing my sister and I through their example, the lifetime of benefits that come with making friends with your neighbors.  
And of course, I also give  thanks to these wonderful people....The Waukesha Crew... Tom and Una, Miss Carolyn and Barb and Obie.   After my mom passed away, these women stepped in and made sure that my sister and I were doing ok.   In ways that only a friend can do.

  I will never forget how Miss Carolyn came to visit when I was expecting my second Thing.    She cleaned my house!   It didn't necessarily need to be cleaning, but as she says "I know how it is when you are pregnant".   Through Barb and Obie, we have continued the friendship to the next generation.  For me,  no trip to Wisconsin is complete without a visit to Auntie Kelly...their daughter!  And Tom and Una:   have this wonderful knack for showing up when we really needed them to be there...and wonder "how did they know?".
Family memories....are more than just the ones you are born into!   


Colleen Dobson said...

Heavy sigh, making ME all nostalgic for some reason!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that, sister! Thanks for such a wonderful post.