Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday morning reflections

I am sitting here enjoying the silence of the morning.    Everyone else remains asleep, and I have the house all to myself.   Quite possibly the best part of the day.

My mind is wandering towards some issues I've struggled with this past week with my colleagues.   I try to use my blog for reflecting on family moments, with only the occasional reference to work.    However, I have this nagging need to get it out, and afterwards, hopefully I can let it go and move on.

It goes without saying that I like my job.   I like what I do, where I do it, and well, I think I am pretty good at  my job.   As Hubby has remarked on numerous occasions, not  many people have as high of job satisfaction as I do.   Oh sure, I have my days (sometimes weeks), when I question my sanity and my physical abilities to keep up with the pace, but then things quiet down and my perspective is restored.

Over the past 6 months or so, a wee bit of drama has been unfolding that has left me questioning who I work for.   No, not my direct leadership but the higher level command so to speak.  Gross inequity in pay based on education and experience.  
 In the end, I had to let that angst go, because a nurse harboring bitterness towards her employer makes for a really bad mix.   Not only is it bad for me as an individual, but it also puts the welfare of the kids I am tasked with caring for in jeopardy.   Nor is it fair to my family because well, they have to put up with me.

So, I thought the worst had passed.   I was done being mad at my employer and as is often the case when one lets go, my employer is starting  to see the error in their ways, and progress (ever so slow) is being made.

Apparently, not enough change in the direction some of my nurse colleagues want.
This week it all reached a boiling point.   I was accused of being selfish and inconsiderate in my remarks as I attempted to explain that what they wanted was more than we had a right to ask for.    
What they really needed was to be "Jack slapped!"

In the end, I was proven right, when a  higher level authority spoke up, explaining in work-relations lingo what I was trying to express in nurse lingo...or had I thought of it at the time "Jack Lingo".

Hopefully, their anger will subside and they too will have a chance for some Saturday morning reflection.   Recognizing how far we have such a relatively short time....

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Colleen Dobson said...

We had a department meeting, and I think I was perceived as being too complacent about a few things; which I considered for a while, and concluded that 'm older and a little more familiar with the cogs in the machine, and how somethings are not worth battling. But, it was not a satisfying realization. Hang in there!