Monday, September 02, 2013

School Year Resolutions

Back to the routine of work....and while I think I did a really good job of maintaining balance over the summer (actually pretty easy to do when you have summers off), I have found that I have gotten off to a really rough start with my work year.    Not the work itself, but my attitude towards the job.   I believe my co-worker Ms. S, summed it up best when she referred to me as Nurse Grumpy Pants (meant very lovingly I am sure, HAHA).

This weekend I promised myself to reboot.  So, despite some frustrations that have been building, the truth of the matter is I really like who I work with, where I work and most importantly what I do each day.   The fact that higher level decisions are being made that I don't agree with really shouldn't sour my attitude on a job that I enjoy and that I am really quite good at.

So instead of focusing on the frustrations that really are beyond my control, I'm reflecting on what I hope to accomplish this school year.   Maintaining balance:   leaving work at work, and finding pleasure in the routines of my home life.    Taking time for myself:   through reading a good book or going for an evening stroll.  Might even try to get to the gym a time or two (don't hold your breath on that one!  :)  )  Nurturing relationships:   both with my family and friends.

Yes, these are my goals for this coming school year.    I am confident thanks to the gift of a 3 day weekend (in which time I really have spent a lot of time thinking instead of stewing)that I can accomplish many of them...if I just remain positive.

And just in case my glass half full approach fails....I'm here to announce...
Only 172 days of work until Summer vacation strikes again!  

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