Saturday, May 25, 2013

Trying not to judge

We're nearing the end of this school year.  A time of great joy, and anticipation.  And but of course, the time that I need to focus the most on holding my tongue.  Yeah, the filter starts to fade about this time of year.

Young lady comes in having some issues with her asthma.  Nothing too serious, but significant enough that it would be a good thing if parents could retrieve this young lady and have her doctor take a look at her.  

So, I ask said student, which parent should I call?  Since the system listed several parenting options, she said "call mom".   I reach mom, she and I are totally on the same page in terms of what the bigger issue is, but she notes "Unfortunately, I'm out of state, so I'll text her dad".  

I hang up the phone, wondering why did she have me call the out-of-state parent first?  She is indeed old enough and in a healthy enough state to have known what I was asking and why.

So, I firmly ask "which parent IS in town and can help".  She dials Dad.
Talks to dad for awhile, nodding, and then I insist on talking to dad.

After I explained my health concerns, Papa calmly replies "Gee, I'd love to help you out, but you see, me and my wife (step mom to the student) are over here at Cocktails and Canvas....and well, we just can't leave our....(long enough pause as if he's catching himself mid-conversation) painting!".
AHA:  now I know what Young Lady had me call out-of-state Mama, at least she expressed concern even if geographically she couldn't "help us out".

So with this, I look to the calendar, and know that in one short week, these young ladies and gentlemen become their parents worry for the entire summer.  God Bless them all...that is for sure!  


Anonymous said...

Cocktails and Canvas's is open in the middle of the day?

heehee - sorry, I just thought I'd add to the balance of inappropriate responses. Yes, good luck to us all this summer! I feel ready to take on the challenge!

Karen said...

Wow ... hope that's your last story for the year!

Charlie6 said...

Well, there's a pair that add nothing of value to the gene pool....