Friday, April 12, 2013

April 12 on the 12th

 Friday Morning:  Dropping the younger Thing off at middle school for chamber orchestra rehearsal (now that's dedication, they need to be in the seats ready to rehearse at 0700).  Look who else is waiting for school.    A pair of ducks.  They must be lost as we don't have any water features anywhere near the school.

On to my work...which lucky for us the two schools are next door to each other.  Even with this extra stop, it looks like I've beat the morning rush!

.  When I went to nursing school and then NP school, never in a million years would I have predicted that my boss would be a former cheerleader and cheer coach (and a mighty good coach at that, having won a couple state championships during her reign as head coach).  Nor would I have ever thought that my work would involve the occasional pep assemblies.  These, plus snow days, are indeed those bonus benefits to my job.

That blob of a blur, is our live mascot, the eagle.

 With the kids at the pep assembly, the office is oh so quiet.  Which we paid for post-assembly:  highlights of the day included a schizophrenic who opted not to take her meds, 3 young men that opted to smoke a little weed instead of going to the assembly, and the usual headaches-cramps-bumps-and-bruises.    I think we rounded out the day with around 50 visitors to the office.
 And we finished out the day with a sad farewell to our favorite security guard.  (sorry for the thumb blocking the face of  my trusted and loyal assistant, Miss S.).  Mr. FC is headed over to be the head of security at another school in our district.  I'm gonna miss this guy:  we work exceptionally well together as a team.   He is indeed leaving some big shoes to fill and it shall be interesting to see how the team adjusts and adapts.

 Hi Honey:  we're home.  Friday afternoon snack time:  popcorn and tacos~   Hey, they are teenagers and can fix these things themselves?  Then it works for me.

 Hi Moosey, I'm glad you are being cooperative with my efforts for 12-on-the-12th, any chance you can talk Thing One into letting me take his picture?
Yeah, he's 15, this is about as good as it is going to get.

The edges are looking a little droopy:  I hope the snow and cold we've had this week didn't damage my daffodils.  Time will tell.

Speaking of time, it's almost time I wrap up this rather ho-hum review...with my latest two finds from the library.  Looks like I know what I'll be doing this weekend....
Oh crumbs, that was only 11?  Well, here, a quick shot....with Hubby somewhere on the road to Alaska, we've gotten lazy...and instead of going out to the cold, we brought the garbage cans inside.  Aw shucks, might as well also tell you that the other night?  I slept in the middle of the bed with all the pillows.  (Seriously, honey, we do miss you...but yeah, we're spreading out into your space just a tad!)  Ride Safe and phone home!  (just because we miss your voice!)


SonjaM said...

Hello Martha, thanks for sending your hubby our way. We genuinely enjoyed his company and I loved the ride in his hack, big time.

Dom has left our premises well fed, so don't worry. I only hope that my better half hasn't scared him away with his views on (American) politics ;-)

Say hi to the cooperative moose and your handsome things.

Sonja and hubby Roland from Port Moody, Canada

Anonymous said...

Hello, Martha. We are taking Dom out to dinner. Just stopped to show him the pipeline. I'm Richard's wife. I think Dom was pretty surprised to find so many people living at our house. So we have Thing1,2, and 4 plus Thing baby here. 3 is in Ca, while 5 is at music school in MN.

Charlie6 said...

Garbage cans in Valencia's spot? Sacrilege!