Sunday, February 03, 2013

Happiness Is...

  • Sweet Dreams:  Thursday night I dreamed that we were moving. All night long, I was packing boxes, and loading them onto a truck. I woke up exhausted from working all night.    But Friday night, I was rewarded with a better dream: we had bought an adorable cottage on a lake. The boys were not pleased with this new place, as there was nowhere for them to live, but the garage was filled with motorcycles, so I knew I had brought Dom along to our new place.   While I have no plans to move in the near or distant future, I am getting to be of the age where just a good night's sleep makes me happy....toss in some sweet dreams and well...we're off to a great start to the weekend!

  •  Tea time with friends:   Yesterday, I enjoyed a lovely birthday tea with my friend Terri and a couple of her friends.  For 16 years now, every February we gather together to celebrate Terri's birthday.    I can't think of anyone who enjoys their birthday more than Terri.   We could all take a page from her playbook in that regard:   the birthdays are going to come whether we want them to or not, might as well embrace them and turn it into a party!  .     
And party we Golden Tea adorable little shop in Golden

  • Finding my crafting mojo.:   Last night, I joined my friend Fran for an evening of  scrapbooking.   OK  truth be told, I'm pretty much over my obsession with traditional scrapbooking.   Yep, you've read that right.   I fear I  have crossed  over to the dark side of photo books.  I have found that  over  the course of a few days, I can put together a photo book that includes all the pictures from the past year at a fraction of the cost of traditional scrapbooking....well, assuming you catch one of the Shutterfly sales.  So, while I wasn't up for scrapbooking,

 I  didn't want to pass on an opportunity to spend time with my dear friend.   (that is the downside of going digital:  missing out on the social aspect of crops and retreats).  So,  I grabbed some card making stuff and headed over to her friend's house.   I putzed, puttered and before I knew it, I had made a handful of cards.    Walking away from the evening without making any purchases, only added to my sense of happiness!

Yep, Happiness is indeed in the little things!

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