Tuesday, February 12, 2013

12 on the 12th

 0600:   Good Morning Sleepy Teenager #1, I know buried underneath that mass is a kid just dying to get an education.  Ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration.  Just the same...'tis time to rise-n-shine...
 0635:   My secret to sanity and the high school parking lot:   show up 25 minutes early.  Otherwise, the chaos of running-late parents coupled with limited-experience teenager drivers is enough to push me over the edge.

 mid-morning:   This fella can turn any bad day around with that smile.   He's the manager for our Unified Basketball Team (Special Olympics) and managed to successfully lead his team mates  to a 2-1 wins at their tournament this past weekend.  Go Unified Raptors!
0930:   Time for the freshman's IEP meeting.    Was more like "coffee chat" as his case manager is someone I see every day.  But just the same, it was reassuring to hear he's made a seamless transition to high school and is well on his way to great things.  
 After school:   this tub was filled with salsa when I left it in the Dean's office this morning.   Chang's salsa has earned a reputation throughout the building and even our Latina colleagues remark "not bad for a white girl".

More after school:   I'm a little confused....this is the look we got after we said "take out the garbage"...me thinks something on the I-touch was what he was reacting to and not his  secret passion for garbage detail captured for all to enjoy?

More parental confusion:   Thing Two was excited to show off this medal....apparently his friend had two and gave him a spare.

1630:   I gave hubby the choice:  he could take the younger one to the doctor or fix dinner.  As you can see, he opted to take the kid to the doctor while I fried the chicken.  Diagnosis:  blepharitis (eyelash infection) and delicious (dinner, a family favorite).
After Dinner activities:

Thing One:   English assignment:  writing a paragraph using 12 of 16 vocabulary words from Lord of the Flies (chapters 1-4).   Fascination with comic books comes in handy when trying to figure out how to include words such as dubious, tacit, furtive, assent, audible and incompetent.
 Thing Two:   S.O.W. time.  Skill of the Week?  or something along those lines, science homework that also required internet access.

Hubby:   work or blogging?  Not sure....
 And as for me....a few options to choose from on my continued quest to read more-surf less!

I hope you've enjoyed a little snapshot of our day....February 12, 2013

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bob skoot said...


I keep staring at those delicious chicken

and Dom told me to tell you that he was actually "working"

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