Tuesday, February 12, 2013

12 on the 12th

 0600:   Good Morning Sleepy Teenager #1, I know buried underneath that mass is a kid just dying to get an education.  Ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration.  Just the same...'tis time to rise-n-shine...
 0635:   My secret to sanity and the high school parking lot:   show up 25 minutes early.  Otherwise, the chaos of running-late parents coupled with limited-experience teenager drivers is enough to push me over the edge.

 mid-morning:   This fella can turn any bad day around with that smile.   He's the manager for our Unified Basketball Team (Special Olympics) and managed to successfully lead his team mates  to a 2-1 wins at their tournament this past weekend.  Go Unified Raptors!
0930:   Time for the freshman's IEP meeting.    Was more like "coffee chat" as his case manager is someone I see every day.  But just the same, it was reassuring to hear he's made a seamless transition to high school and is well on his way to great things.  
 After school:   this tub was filled with salsa when I left it in the Dean's office this morning.   Chang's salsa has earned a reputation throughout the building and even our Latina colleagues remark "not bad for a white girl".

More after school:   I'm a little confused....this is the look we got after we said "take out the garbage"...me thinks something on the I-touch was what he was reacting to and not his  secret passion for garbage detail captured for all to enjoy?

More parental confusion:   Thing Two was excited to show off this medal....apparently his friend had two and gave him a spare.

1630:   I gave hubby the choice:  he could take the younger one to the doctor or fix dinner.  As you can see, he opted to take the kid to the doctor while I fried the chicken.  Diagnosis:  blepharitis (eyelash infection) and delicious (dinner, a family favorite).
After Dinner activities:

Thing One:   English assignment:  writing a paragraph using 12 of 16 vocabulary words from Lord of the Flies (chapters 1-4).   Fascination with comic books comes in handy when trying to figure out how to include words such as dubious, tacit, furtive, assent, audible and incompetent.
 Thing Two:   S.O.W. time.  Skill of the Week?  or something along those lines, science homework that also required internet access.

Hubby:   work or blogging?  Not sure....
 And as for me....a few options to choose from on my continued quest to read more-surf less!

I hope you've enjoyed a little snapshot of our day....February 12, 2013

Saturday, February 09, 2013

At least he's got faith?

Driving to work earlier this week, an old favorite came on the radio (Prince's Raspberry Beret, don't judge me).   I started humming along (yes, now you may judge me) and pretending to dance.

Thing One became a bit concerned:   "Mom, if we crash because you were dancing while driving, I'm blaming YOU when we get to heaven!".

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Happiness Is...

  • Sweet Dreams:  Thursday night I dreamed that we were moving. All night long, I was packing boxes, and loading them onto a truck. I woke up exhausted from working all night.    But Friday night, I was rewarded with a better dream: we had bought an adorable cottage on a lake. The boys were not pleased with this new place, as there was nowhere for them to live, but the garage was filled with motorcycles, so I knew I had brought Dom along to our new place.   While I have no plans to move in the near or distant future, I am getting to be of the age where just a good night's sleep makes me happy....toss in some sweet dreams and well...we're off to a great start to the weekend!

  •  Tea time with friends:   Yesterday, I enjoyed a lovely birthday tea with my friend Terri and a couple of her friends.  For 16 years now, every February we gather together to celebrate Terri's birthday.    I can't think of anyone who enjoys their birthday more than Terri.   We could all take a page from her playbook in that regard:   the birthdays are going to come whether we want them to or not, might as well embrace them and turn it into a party!  .     
And party we did....at Golden Tea Time...an adorable little shop in Golden

  • Finding my crafting mojo.:   Last night, I joined my friend Fran for an evening of  scrapbooking.   OK  truth be told, I'm pretty much over my obsession with traditional scrapbooking.   Yep, you've read that right.   I fear I  have crossed  over to the dark side of photo books.  I have found that  over  the course of a few days, I can put together a photo book that includes all the pictures from the past year at a fraction of the cost of traditional scrapbooking....well, assuming you catch one of the Shutterfly sales.  So, while I wasn't up for scrapbooking,

 I  didn't want to pass on an opportunity to spend time with my dear friend.   (that is the downside of going digital:  missing out on the social aspect of crops and retreats).  So,  I grabbed some card making stuff and headed over to her friend's house.   I putzed, puttered and before I knew it, I had made a handful of cards.    Walking away from the evening without making any purchases, only added to my sense of happiness!

Yep, Happiness is indeed in the little things!