Saturday, January 12, 2013

12 on the 12th

I'm not sure when I last attempted 12 on the 12th.  It's probably been a couple years, if not longer.  But this year, I'm determined to complete this challenge as I have found looking back on some of the previous entries to be entertaining and a great glimpse of a "day-in-the-life" type entry.

So here goes the January edition....

We've been enjoying a very mild winter so far....well, guess what, someone finally clued in Mother Nature and she showed up with some more appropriate January weather.

The past couple of days, I've been fighting off some sort of bug.  I decided the best plan for recovery was to do as little as possible.    Problem is...we were running low on the "good stuff"

I appealed to my loving husband who agreed to take Valencia and make a drug run.
But first things first, he took a moment to contribute to my project....See?  Didn't know cold could be so picturesque.
Aw...thanks Honey...will you sing a round of Soft Kitty to me too?
At some point, the boys woke up and learned they were on their own for any type of lunch
Good thing there was some frozen stuff on hand....

 Patrick continues to perfect his skills as a management material...supervising his younger brother on kitchen duty

 Sun is shining brightly  and it looks warmer...but looks are deceiving...
 Cold medicine on board, feeling a little better..
choices choices..
(Decided on a little bit of both: watched Little Women and read for awhile)
Checking in on the guys...
Dom made a trip to Comcast to replace our cable modem.
Fingers crossed that this provides us with an answer to our flaky internet.
Miles is working on some backlogged homework (he too has been out sick with the crud, and now is discovering the joy of making up missed classwork.
 Miles and I decided to go to church this evening,
(poor kid, behind in school work AND sermon notes)
Why yes, the Broncos are playing this afternoon...which explains the near empty service 
At least there was one appropriate commercial on during the game...KFC game day bucket sounded just right for dinner
And here we are, about 12 hrs later, with not much change in the temperature.
I on the other hand am feeling much better.

Stay warm...
Stay Healthy...

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