Monday, December 17, 2012

Unforgettable You!

Patrick in first grade...

Miles and friends in first grade...
The events in Newton CT weights heavy on my mind right now.  I remember my own boys at that age.  So full of joy and excitement.  A natural sense of curiosity and oblivious to the worries of the world around them.  My heart goes out to the community as they try to make sense of that which seems impossible to imagine.

Driving home this afternoon, Thing One announced "I hope the Mayans are wrong, I'm not ready for the world to end".

Me neither, son, me neither....and again, my mind wandered back to those precious little first graders who probably were too young to even know about the Mayans, much less their calendar that ends later this week.

Thing One went on to reflect "And if it does end, how will the world remember me?  I'm too young to have made an impression on anyone.".

It was then that I just about lost my made an impression from that first breath you took and continue to impress all of those you meet.  From your funny remarks when we think you aren't paying attention, to your genuine concern for others. You are a determined young man:   working hard to figure out things that for most kids come naturally.  Your focus amazes me (and yes, some days it frustrates me as well).  And so while there are days when you drive me to drink...chances are pretty good I wanted that drink and am using your rather typical teenage antics as my excuse.

The world will remember you, Thing One....make no mistake about are indeed unforgettable!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Best of the Week

I'm sure there is humor to be found in every work place.   But, when you take 2400 teens, toss in a side of 175 adults assigned to their education and supervision, a high school provides more than your average amount of entertainment.    Our dean's office holds an occasional-and-very informal BEST OF THE WEEK competition.  Sort of a "can you top this?" in terms of the crazy stories.    I'm usually a top contender with my tales from the clinic.  

This week I was sure I had a lock on the win.  Young, very fit Latina girl comes in and notes that she is sore, all over as she gestures to her thighs and lady-parts.  She quickly corrected herself with a defensive "It's NOT from what you think!".    At that point, I really hadn't had much of a chance to formulate any thoughts:  too taken aback by her enthusiastic presentation of her presenting complaint.

She continued with her tale:    "you see, my uncle, he rented a bus for my cousin's 16th birthday.  You know, like a party bus.  And well, there was this pole and I was dancing"

At that point, I blurted out, in typical filter less Martha fashion:  "So, you are sore from POLE DANCING?"

yep, pretty much a lock, wouldn't you agree?

Apparently not!  Friday morning my friend and fellow school nurse texted me with a clinical encounter she'd just managed.  Seems a little kindergartner had splash the eye.  And here, my dear friend, with her master's degree in nursing, must ask without a hint of giggle or smirk "Well, was it your pee or someone else's?

That pretty much took away my chances of winning "Best of the Week" can you compete with the sweet innocence of a 5 year old, against the trashy  behavior of a 15 year old dance queen?
Yep....we could write a book....but would I doubt anyone would believe?