Friday, November 09, 2012

Thankful for Day 9

Thankful for simple as that.  It marks the end of the work week.  It holds so much potential for what the weekend will look like.  What's not to like.

 In my years as a hospital nurse, Fridays were frustrating.  When you work shift work, your work week looks different than the rest of the work world.  Oh sure, when your stretch of shifts ends on a Monday, there is still that sense of joy, but it doesn't convey the same feeling as working where everyone has the next two days off.  

In my years as a stay-at-home-mom, Fridays were ok.  A relief of having to supervise homework and enforcing bedtimes.  But they still lacked that sense of pure joy that I enjoy now that I'm working a Monday-Friday gig.

At work, Fridays take on a relaxed and happy attitude.  We're supposed to wear school spirit wear:  which is fine by me...jeans, tshirt and tennis shoes?  Talk about comfie clothing.  I participate in a "Friday snack club".  On a rotating basis, we bring in treats to share and spend the better part of Fridays grazing on the delights brought in by others.  Overall, we see fewer kids and those kids we see bring less drama to their visit than earlier in the week.

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