Thursday, November 08, 2012

Thankful for Day 8

Last night, Thing Two had an orchestra concert.  7th grade, first concert of the year. Suffice to say,  it's still a challenging performance to sit through.  The kids are at various levels and still sorting out how to play together as a group.  I don't mind going as many of the other parents are neighbors and friends. It's a social evening for me as much as a chance to be a supportive parent.   After a long day spent sorting through conference calls, Dom was weary and not interested in being social nor was the music expected to be top notch.  I suggested he stay home and I'd go to support the kid.

Thing One enjoys his first Christmas (circa 1997)
Tonight, Thing One needs to study for his Spanish test that is tomorrow.  He's catching on to the language but needs to study for this class more than he'd like.  He's used to relying on his incredibly strong memory to get by.     I've reached my quota of listening to whining teens (the down side of working in a high school I suppose).   I simply can't muster much energy in the supportive parent role.  But Hubby?  He's fluent in Spanish and Thing One isn't as  quick to whine when he's with his dad.  So, Hubby has offered to serve as the homework police.
Getting ready to enjoy the show...Blues Clues Live! (circa 2002)
I'm grateful that, in my husband, I have the perfect parenting partner.  We recognize each other's strengths and can identify when the other one needs to opt out.   Can you imagine doing it solo as a parent?  I sure can' really does take two!

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