Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Thankful for Day 7

Today?  I'm thankful that it wasn't MY kid that smoked weed this morning instead of eating breakfast.  Weed is apparently not well tolerated on an empty stomach and this young lady ended up passing out in English class.   Nurse Chang arrived and it didn't take a genius to identify THAT particular odor and note the clear signs of "neurologically impaired".  

Sometimes it is good to be able to say not MY kid.  

Giving new meaning to the Mile HIGH city...
With the passing of a certain amendment here in Colorado last night, who knows...some day it could be my kid....but until that day arrives (and oh how I hope and pray it never does).....I just grateful to say NOT my kid!

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Charlie6 said...

The Mile High City is to be renamed more appropriately to either "legally high city", "always high city", or "wanna get high? City".....we're apparently waiting on the voters to decide but right now they're too stoned to get to the polling stations.