Sunday, November 04, 2012

Thankful for Day 4

 Time:  we can measure it in hours, days or I am thankful for it all!

An extra hour?    Last night, I enjoyed an extra hour of sleep.  Well, actually, I woke up at my usual time but because of that extra hour, I was  able to make it to early church without the usual rush.  Usually the full impact of "falling back" is not appreciated until we all have to get up and out the door for school on Monday.  

Extra days?  This past week I enjoyed a week of free time.   Officially it is called Fall Break but I just consider it the gift of time.   A week off with no where to go and all day to get there.  A chance to catch your breath after the chaos of starting a new school year.  A chance to reboot after a rocky start to a school year.   I found myself with the extra time to craft, take a walk,  to pray and reflect and savor a cup of coffee (or two) with friends.  I had the time to read a book or two (more on that later), the time to sit and watch silly movies with my guys.  The time to talk to family that lives far away.

Extra years?   At 47,   I'd like to believe that I have many great years ahead of me.   But this week, I found myself thinking about my age and what does that really mean.  My mom was just 47  when she was given a terminal diagnosis.  My cousin Cindy (pictured above in the USA t-shirt) was just 42 when she passed away last weekend.  My mom had years to adjust to her diagnosis. My cousin?  We're not sure, but we believe things all happened over a matter of days.  An infection took over her body that resulted in organ failure.  Was her system weak  and compromised even before infection struck? We don't know and in the end, it really doesn't matter. What matters is,  she leaves behind three boys, 15, 13, and 10.  So very close in age to my own things.

  Both women passed before either had what I would consider enough years.  But clearly, a different plan was in mind for them.      I will be thankful for the years we enjoyed as cousins....gathering together for family celebrations.  Knowing that each year is indeed a gift to be thankful for.     And I will be hopeful that I will continue to be blessed with many more years to spend in the company of family and friends whenever opportunities present!

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