Saturday, November 03, 2012

Thankful for Day 3

Today, I am thankful for my husband's mistress....or should I say mistresses?
I still recall some 6 years ago when Hubby announced he was thinking about getting a motorcycle.  My nurse brain initially though "you mean a DONOR cycle, right?".    Yet, instead of voicing disapproval,   I nodded my approval and he's been happily riding ever since.   
As a family, we have reaped the benefits of a head of household that is happiest after a day of riding. Oh sure, the bank account has taken a few hits along the way (the current harem, er stable, is housing 3 motorcycles and 3 have left our family to be hopefully enjoyed by others).  We've witnessed a few adult temper tantrums when a rig is off line for unknown mechanical issues or a much anticipated part was not delivered as promised.   I've even received a couple phone calls when the first words out of his mouth are "Don't worry, I'm ok" (which I wasn't worried until he told me to not worry).

None of this can compare to the family fun we've had all thanks to hubby having a motorcycle.    We've met new friends,taken some fun filled vacations and just this past week the guys plotted how to spread some Halloween cheer that involved Valencia.

Every wife should encourage their spouse to take on a mistress.....assuming by mistress they really mean a motorcycle.

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