Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful for Day 19


I've never minded wearing a uniform.  It makes the decision of "what to wear" to work a no-brainer. 

  That top picture, while not me, was what I wore pretty much every day for the first 5 years of my nursing career. 
Ironed and  starched?  Check.  (and for those that know me, you know how hard it was to meet this particular requirement.  Neatness and attention to detail is more typically associated with that OTHER Martha)
white stockings?  Check
White shoes polished?  Check.
Cold?  Then grab your military issue black sweater but don't even think of going outside with your sweater still on (it was for indoor use only, just like your cover, aka hat, was for outdoor use only).

These days I'm thankful that I still get to enjoy the the simplicity that comes with wearing a uniform but I get to pick out what I wear (and yes, I do own this particular set, it is one of my favorites).  

And trust me, nothing beats the comfort that comes with wearing scrubs.
It makes a Monday...almost bearable!  

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