Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful day 20

Beef....it is what was for dinner.  Should have taken a picture as the steaks turned out perfect and of course, having weather that is warm enough to grill in November is indeed something to give thanks for.

I'm also thankful that Hubby and I are financially secure enough that we can enjoy steak even when it is isn't on sale.  I mentioned this at dinner, and both Hubby and Thing Two gasped "You bought something NOT on sale?"

No, silly guys...it was still on sale.
But even if it wasn't, and I was in the mood for steak, we could have enjoyed it for dinner.

Being able to feed my family:   it is something I take for granted, but really should pause and give thanks that we are able to meet this most basic need without even a hint of worry.

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