Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catching up

 I suppose I should finish blogging about how much fun we had here.  A few pleasant surprises (not as humid as we were expecting).  A few not-so pleasant surprises (significantly more crowded than we were expecting) and finally some wonderful surprises (Not once, but twice Hubby ran into friends from his military days)

The first surprise happened with the help of his buddy Lee.  Lee knew we were coming, so he tracked down two other college buddies that Hubby had lost contact with.  Together we all enjoyed a great evening of food and fellowship at Lee's country home.  (honest, it was way out there in the country!)
The other surprise happened on our last full day in DC.  We were looking for a breakfast spot before visiting the spy museum.  As I dart into a bagel shop with the Things, I realize Hubby is no longer right behind us.  I retrace my steps outside where I find my usually quiet man chatting up two FBI agents (yes, we were right across the street from FBI HQ).  Seems one of the two men remembered Hubby from their Army days in the late 80s/early 90s.   Mr. O. and his co-worker had just stepped out of their office for a morning cup of coffee.  Imagine the odds?

the boys were awestruck when Mr. O. kindly offered them one of his business cards.  Still not sure which impressed them more:  the fact that they were talking to two FBI agents, or that their dad knew an agent?  

It should come as no real surprise that Thing Two no longer thinks he wants to be a marine helicopter pilot (yeah, we knew that dream had ended when we noticed how sensitive he is).   Nope, he is now thinking law enforcement is the route to go.  Was it meeting Dad's friend the agent?  Or the fact that during our visit to the Crime and Punishment museum, he managed to rock the simulator:  firing off 3 shots, with two being kill shots?  Or that the best part of the vacation was our adventure to the Spy Museum interactive exhibit where he got to be the spy?

All in all, it was a good trip....

And while I'm on this blogging roll....I should also mention how much fun we had here.  You can read all the details and reasons for my willingness to try camping here.   I'll just hit the highlights....

 The Things and I joined up with the Russians at the campground just outside of Grand Lake, CO
 Thing Two was all smiles...he's been eager to try camping for a very long time...
 We're still not sure how they managed it, but the campground owners had arranged for an exemption to the campfire ban that is state wide.  We think it was because we were camping in the middle of a field.  Just the same, it was unsettling to watch the embers spark up, knowing the danger and destruction that a simple spark poses to our very dry state right now.
 While Hubby was with Valencia, enduring the heat, we took in this little festival in  Winter Park.
 Milestone moment:  the oldest one has indeed surpassed his mama in height.  The scowl on his face reflects his dislike for chocolate:  he was hoping for a chicken festival I think!
Not matter how old you get, the appeal of climbing on the statue never grows old if you are my kids.

So while we are off having fun in the sun, I still must pause and say a word of Thanks to the countless fire crews and rescue workers that are hard at work here in Colorado.  We knew it was going to be a rough fire season.  The winter was mild, dry and warm temperatures in early Spring added to our worry.  Years of pine beetle destruction has left our forested areas primed and ready for the spread of wildfires.  Hot temperatures, high winds.  It is just too much to process.

On a personal level, we are safe.  But as our fellow residents are asked to leave their homes on a minutes notice, left waiting and wondering what will be left....our heart aches for them.     There is not much else we can do except pray:  for patience, courage and strength....and of course, for rain!  I would gladly give up this summer of fun, and return to work if it meant that the season of fires are finished.  If only it worked that easy....


Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out how one of your children (and my nephew) has such a disdain for chocolate!


tz said...

I didn't know it was possible to dislike chocolate...We need to do redo DC ... we had so much fun the last time we were there!

Colleen O said...

Alright you inspirational blogger you! "You make me wanna be a better blogger" - hehehe

Nice posts - I haven't been by in a while. You do a good job!