Sunday, June 17, 2012

Before I was a blogger...

My summer project is to work on the chaos that is my basement storage closet. Sure, a walk in closet in your craft area sounds like a great idea:  until you have it so filled with stuff, you can't find anything!   As a result, I"m busy sorting, purging, scanning.  
Today, I came across this gem:  apparently it is a note I wrote to my Grandma Irene  at some point during my youth.    It would have made a pretty amusing blog entry!

The text reads:
My grandma is a very nice lady.  She is 70 years old but she still acts like a spring chicken.  She's one of those ladies who keeps on working and just can't sit still for five minute.  She is a very good cook.  she make anybody gain 10 pounds at one meal!  when she says she don't have no food, well the trth is she doesn't have as much food as she wishes she had.  She says she's fat but I don't think so.  also, if she were fat like my mom, she wouldn't eat.  Me and my grandma get along pretty good.  I guess we get along pretty.
(wonder why I just stopped writing?  who knows...)
Yikes...I'm trying to recall what my mother's
reaction was when she saw this letter?  If she was even privy to it.  My cousin and I had a tradition of spending a week at Grandma's house each summer:  my guess is that is when I would have written it.  Probably around the mid 1970s?  Assuming she really was 70 when I wrote this:  Grandma had the habit of not disclosing her true age...something I can appreciate now that I myself am older.  She also never disclosed her middle name, simply said she didn't like it and thus wouldn't tell us what it was.

Grandma Irene passed away in December 2002, at the wonderful age of 96.  I often wonder what she would think of her family and how it has grown?  My guess is she'd be pretty proud of all of us!

My nephew visits with his great grandma.  I have always loved the smile on her face in this photo.
Even Thing One was able to sample one of Grandma's trademark cookies!

Grandma and her grands with their  kids mid 1990s.
Missing were 9 more great grands that were  either not born or not able to attend the party.


bobskoot said...


sometimes I wished that I had family seniors to visit. My grandparents passed in the mid 50's, and both Mrs Skoots parents are also gone. My Dad and all of my Uncles are gone.

. . . and now everyone looks at me like I should know better but I still have the mind of a youngster, but I feel older by the hour

You are lucky to have memories to look back upon.

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tz said...

that's such a neat picture of thing one and you and your grandma!