Saturday, January 14, 2012

Returning to a favorite

Last night, I completed a covert operation.  Having received word from my sources that someone in the House of Lish was struggling, I kidnapped Judy's middle daughter, Allie and took her over to "her other mom's" house (thanks Donna for letting us crash your family dinner).  Together we laughed, cried, told sassy stories (ok, that was mostly MY doing) and celebrated the gifts that come from making friends out of our neighbors.

This morning, recovering from the migraine I had during the night (was it the tears or the red wine?  Probably a little bit of both) I was reminded of this video.  I shared it a few years ago on my blog but now the sentiments are even more relevant given the struggles of the past 8 months.

As I sit in "waiting mode", it is good to be reminded of the truth...we will transcend!

*Tissues required

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