Monday, November 07, 2011

Thankful For...Day 7

I had plans to keep today's thankful post simple and silly. But alas, that is not meant to be. I learned earlier today of the sudden passing of a long-time friend of my family. We do not know the details of George's sudden passing, but our hearts are heavy for the grief his family must be feeling.

So, this evening, I am giving thanks for the laughter and happy times spent with George and Carolyn.

It is impossible to say one name without the other. Really, they were THAT kind of couple. One minute, they were bickering and fussing at each other (I'm hearing his southern drawl, as he calls out her name, almost always starting with the phrase Sh*t, Carolyn, and a sigh and an eye roll....)....the next moment, there was that carefree flirting that comes from a couple truly in love with each other.

We were neighbors for only a couple years, but somehow they always managed to stay in touch, making time to see my parents. They flew out to take a joint vacation with my folks...where they rented an RV and drove to Canada. It would be the last time my mom was healthy enough to enjoy such a road trip. When my college graduation rolled around, they flew out to share in the celebrations. And when I was pregnant with Thing Two, again, they found a reason to come and visit.

These kind of family friends come along only a few times in our lucky we were to call them friends.

Rest in peace, Papa George....
Ready for the Road...Summer 1986
(if you look closely, you can see my mom in the driver's seat!)
May 1987...Commissioning
George, you are in good company now and then....
Aunt Jimmy and Grandma Irene

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