Sunday, November 06, 2011

Thankful for...Day 6

Today, I am thankful for BIRTHDAYS! Growing up, birthdays were a special time for us. My mom baked a cake and every cake contained a special figurine. It was always a great surprise to discover what would be the cake topper. After my mom passed away, birthdays became a bit more bittersweet. What's the point? Mom wasn't around to make that cake and share in the fun.

But then, I became a mom....and birthdays became fun again.
Thing One enjoying birthday cake at Hubby's 40th
I'd still say we're a rather low-key family when it comes to celebrations (HELLO? Half the time I don't have candles to put on the cake) .

There is one person out there who really knows how to have a birthday in style. My friend Judy. not just her birthday....but it is a mileSTONE birthday.

And while I knew I wanted to help her celebrate, I really struggled with how to make it fun, festive and still very every day is unique in the challenges she and her family will be facing. So, during my snow day, I sent off a quick email...asking a dozen friends or so to help me collect, and embellish fifty ROCKS. Because well....

The plan was to do a bit of a ding-dong ditch. We'd leave the basket (which actually grew to be a big box and then some) on her front porch...letting her know that we were all thinking of her on this special day.

But then her daughter called and said "The party is ON"....asking that we stop by for a brief hug, smile and slice of cake.
As you can see, she really did enjoy her basket of rocks. What started as a "Oh my, this might be a stupid idea" (as I said, I asked for people to find rocks in the middle of a blizzard), ended up being something I am so proud to have helped create. Through the years, Judy has shown us all how important it is to take time to find joy in the journey, spend time with our families, make crafts with our kids, and well...get a little messy. So many of us did that this weekend, all in honor of Judy.
So, yep, today....I am thankful for birthdays......and remember....more birthdays...less cancer

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