Friday, November 04, 2011

Thankful for....Day 3 and Day 4

Oh my, give me a bonus day off and my entire routine falls apart. What happened to yesterday? If you are local, you know this picture is NOT a recent picture. It is from a couple weeks ago. This week's view? Covered in white.

Which brings me to what I am thankful for....our gorgeous Colorado weather. It changes...sometimes dramatic changes occur in the course of a few hours. Wednesday I had a snow day. Yesterday afternoon? I was overheating in my coat.

I like the changes...and am thankful for them.

And what am I thankful for today, November 4th?

My friend Carol....she's the one in the middle. And yes, another "archived" picture. When her boys were both in school full time, she herself headed back to school and in May she graduated with her masters degree in Education. In August, she landed her first classroom gig. A pretty amazing feat given how tight the economy is and how most teacher openings have hundreds of applicants for just one vacancy.

I'm thankful for the years of friendship we have enjoyed. Through her, I have been reminded how important it is to stay focused on the end goal, to remain positive and matter how many obstacles get tossed in your path.

Carol, I know you are still in the overwhelmed state of being a first year teacher...but should you see this? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So thankful to call you friend!

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Carol said...

Oh Martha, thank you. I haven't been to your blog in so long, and quite honestly I wouldn't have made it today, except a little bird called me and told me I had to log on.
This post brought me to tears - long overdue. It is the memories with our friends that keep us going. Thank you for being there for me, the years past and the years to come.
And yes, we must stay focused and remain positive. That's what my mamma always told me.
Many hugs to you!!