Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thankful for...Day 12

Today, on my 16th wedding anniversary, I am thankful for the gift of marriage. This poem has been around for a long time....but the words ring true for Hubby and I. Not every day is perfect, we have our ups and downs, our ins and outs, but the trend is always in the upward direction. Hubby, Happy Anniversary....I hope you like the present I got you...(which in the bank...he said he wanted nothing, he gets nothing!).

Recipe For A Happy Marriage Poem

4 cups of Love 2 cups of Loyalty Dash of Faith 3 cups of Kindness 4 cups of Understanding 1 cup of Friendship 5 spoonfuls of Hope 1 barrel of Laughter Pinch of Forgiveness (no substitutions) Dash of Thoughtfulness (not optional)

Take love and loyalty and mix thoroughly with faith. Blend in kindness and understanding, add friendship and hope. Sprinkle

abundantly with laughter. Garnish with forgiveness and thoughtfulness. Bake with sunshine. Serve daily with generous helpings.

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