Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Much Ado about Ice?

Little Darling reportedly "hurt" his ankle in gym class....but he just kept playing and never came to see me when it happened.
Little Darling got in a car at lunch and went with his cousin to Chic-Fillet for lunch.
Little Darling got back to school and his ankle started to hurt, so he asked his teacher for a pass.

He hobbled in (anyone with experience with a dramatic child can visualize the "exaggerated" style they present with when the injury isn't as serious as they wish it was...).
He wanted a bag of ice

I said No....and explained to him his injury was minor and didn't necessitate leaving a core class to seek medical care for something that occurred hours ago...I event pointed out that as a sophomore, we will be expecting more independence from him this year than last.

I sent him back to class without giving him a bag of ice...

Just as I expected, Hover Mama called "YOU DIDN'T GIVE HIM ICE? WHAT KIND OF NURSE ARE YOU?"
"YOU WILL NEVER TAKE CARE OF MY CHILD AGAIN, YOU HAVE LABELED HIM". THAT IS WRONG! (I do admit, I used the phrase "frequent flier" with her, and it is considered derogatory on some levels, should have said "he is a known visitor". There is your lesson in political correctness in school nurse lingo)

I tried my best to explain to mama that
1. My clinical exam and evaluation revealed no swelling, joint deformity or reason to offer ice just because he "asked for it".
2. Little Darling came to see me in excess of 40 times last year(I get tired counting that high....I quit at 40)...so he is a known visitor and I am trying to work on more independence now that he is a sophomore.
3. It wasn't medically urgent that he leave a core class for a minor concern when he was clearly feeling ok enough to leave campus for lunch. He wasn't hurting enough during his own time to seek care but during academic instruction? 90% of the "diagnosis" is made in the history (ok, I didn't tell her that, but was trying to impart this line of logic)
4. While yes, it is "just a bag of ice", I could just give it to him. However, the lost class time for a minor need is also an issue that needed to be addressed, along with the reality that I am responsible for the health care needs of 2300 students (yep, I am the only RN in the building).

If I spend it all day handing out ice packs (which could easily happen if I didn't set some limits on what type of care is provided during the school day), I will not be available to manage the true medical emergencies and administrative aspects of my job.

I sensed she was out for blood...so I tried to apologize but she wasn't buying it. We've all heard that tone of "no, just you wait, I am not letting this matter end".

I emailed my principals and their secretaries, giving them the heads up that an angry parent was likely to call them...maybe they can talk this mama off the ledge....I wasn't going there with her any more.

And should she head up the chain of command, determined to "get me in trouble" (because clearly that is what she wanted to do...again, you can just "tell)....

Well, then the cat will be out of the bag that Little Darling as a sophomore was in violation of the student code of conduct for leaving campus during the school day....(only upper class men are allowed to leave our building, AND his ride? was his cousin who attends another high school...another no-no for the students to visit the other schools during the school day)

My evil side will just love it if all her huffing' and puffin gets Little Darling in trouble. And just to show my snark, I'll deliver Little Darling a bag of ice to him when he sits in all day detention! ******

***Oh Don't worry, my faithful and trusted assistant will make sure I don't do something as petty as that...but it is always nice to imagine.

The honeymoon? Is so o.v.e.r: for me AND my students! (I still love what I do, where I do it, I'm just not a freshman anymore, and I'm setting some new standards/rules for what I'm willing to do. This seeing 85+ students a day simply has to end!)


ganelle said...

As a teacher of one of those core classes, I appreciate you making the kids toe the line. I think the entire faculty and staff have to work together for the growth of the students, IN SPITE of what their parents may want. I often found that kids have one standard for their time and another for mine. (think bathroom privileges). You have to have limits. You go!

Jen said...

Go Martha! I think you totally rock. Once again, glad you're at our school keeping at least some of the crazies in line. :)

tz said...

u did good martha...