Thursday, August 11, 2011

Late night ramblings...

Back to School...circa 2004

It's back to school for me...registration week. Time to crank up the blog with new school nurse stories.

Let's start the year off with a sweet story....An upside to working at the neighborhood school, is seeing the neighbor kids. Well, so far it has been an upside. I suppose I'll change my tune when or if I see them in a troubling situation. But so far, the neighbor kids have been friendly and happy to see a familiar face. Yesterday, a young girl that I've known since she was in 2nd grade was checking in. She's now a sophomore in high school. I spotted her talking to b.o.y.s. So I teased her "I'm gonna tell your mom". You see, my job is one part nurse-one part mama. She replied, smiling as she said "It's ok, Nurse Martha, they are Mormon boys". (see, I love working with this age group, they get my attempts at humor)
It's been good to be back at work this week. Keeping the hands busy so the mind doesn't wander. When my phone rang mid-day today, I was jolted out of my zone of working with some rather unsettling news. Judy's surgery did not go as planned and the situation has taken a new turn...not for the better.

I shall follow my son's recommendations (the wisdom of an almost 12 year old)...He told me "Mom, don't think of the sadness, if you can't just not think of it, then at least just think of the happy times with Miss Judy".

when did that boy grow up and how did he get to be so wise?

So tonight, I head off to bed...remembering and reflecting on all the Happy times we've spent with our favorite couple....Eric and Judy...and wishing them peace and courage to face the challenges presented today.

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