Saturday, July 09, 2011

Observations from the road..

If you give me a German engineered auto, designed for the "without speed limit" autobahns of Deutschland, I will find that driving is pleasurable. Hubby would argue that I wasn't so much as driving as I was 'speeding' but since no law enforcement officials gave me a "performance award" I think I wasn't going that fast (for the record, Schnitzel just floats at 80+mph!). As you can see, he was out in the elements on Vikki and the side car (yes, the boys each took a short stint as the "monkey", the official term for when someone rides in the side car)

If the street performers do a "pre-show" shtick where they try really hard to sell their posters (instead of waiting until after the show), that is your cue to skip the show and go find dinner. The Cody Gunslingers are an event worth skipping. It could have been the wind, the approaching rain shower or the fact that we had just cruised through some 500+ miles of "exciting" Wyoming terrain that skewed our perception. Just the same, skip it and save yourself from the family teasing because you were the one that suggested this activity.

If you are cruising with your Things, one Thing will imagine the rocks ahead look like bagels with poppy seeds. The teenaged Thing? Imagined they all looked like boobies. Not sure if he really thought that or if he just enjoys watching his 11 year old brother giggle at just the word boobie.

So there you have it, Western Road Trip Day 1.
Stay tuned for more humorous observations from the road.


tz said...

well martha, you're in good company, before I read your description and saw the picture, I thought, "how fun! I so want to do that!"

Glad you're posting your trip!

bobskoot said...


you new nickname should be "Lead Foot Martha". enjoy your vacation

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