Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cabin Fever

The day after Going to The Sun Road trip, we all found ourselves with a case of Cabin Fever. As in "let's stay close to the cabin" and just hang out!Thing One found his bliss in the "bunk house" where our family slept. He had his I-touch and my laptop and while not connected online, was able to watch his plethora of videos. Earlier, he had gone for a short side car ride with Hubby and they checked out the local family Adventure center so he had gotten some fresh air.
We sent Grandpa out with Thing Two for some western Adventure. I heard tales of horesback riding and white water rafting. Pictures to follow: my heart is still racing as I hear more about the white water trip. One of those cases of "tis better to ask for forgiveness than request permission". Protective Hover Mom would probably have balked at the water adventures (the snow melt is still causing the river to flow really high and fast).

And, me? Well, after a quick trip into town for some stuff, I grabbed my nook and headed for a quiet corner to read. Yes, the cabin was rustic. No dishwasher....but with a view like this...washing dishes hardly seems like a hardship. Soon, it was time to feed the hungry crew. Who needs cell phone service when you need to locate the gang? Just sound the alarm, and if they are hungry, they'll come find some grub.

Here we are: enjoying the sweet life...
Grandpa (a.k.a my dad) would be celebrating his birthday in the days to come. Forget cake when you can have a giant slice of Huckleberry Pie!
Dinner is done, and while the sun is far from setting (it would't even think about getting dark until well past 1030, and even then, it never got really dark), there was a chill in the air. Let's put Thing Two to work in the wood shed. From the grin on his face, you can easily see he did not consider this to be work at all!

This Thing found it very easy to step away from the distractions of city life...who needs Xbox when you've got a shed full of wood to chop?And the reward for a day of hard work and fresh air? Being allowed to dive right into the pie...eating straight out of the dish (disclaimer: everyone else had their fill of Huckleberry pie)

But alas, all good things much come to an end. Thursday we bid farewell to our friends Bobskoot and Kari and Ron as they headed west towards their homes. It really was a fun experience sharing this vacation with family and new friends. Creating a sense of community that you don't necessarily get when you vacation with just your own people.

Friday, it would be time for Hubby and Grandpa to take off on their next adventure and the boys and I will break camp Saturday morning. While we are getting road weary, there are still a few more stops planned along the way. Stay tuned for more Chang Gang adventures!


agent713 said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time!!!

birdymunch said...

I am loving your adventure. Thanks for sharing.