Monday, June 27, 2011

Why yes...


My sis and I...

Southern Living...1976

Patrick and his great grandma Irene

Desert Dolls...Tuscon AZ...?1970s

Why yes....I have been playing with my scanner.

How did you guess?

I'm entering the 4th week of summer vacation and all is well.
The boys and I have made it to the pool, the water park, the movies and yes....even the library.

They've slept in, I've stayed up late.

I've renewed my CPR certification (feel free to collapse in my presence, I now will know to start compressions before breathing).

I've been to the doctor for my annual (ok, so it was more like biennial) check up.

I've published a blog book (Thanks Ganelle for the idea, I went with blog2print, required next to no editing on my part)

I've bonded with "Stewart"...he and I have made a donut run, a post office run, a couple runs through the neighborhood and some practice time at the school parking lot

Yep....the best part of being a school nurse?

Summer Vacation!


ganelle said...

Yea for summer vacation!!!
I'm glad u got your book published, I hadn't heard of the site you used. Sounds great!

Laura said...

I'm impressed...both with your accomplishments and your little scanner! Love the pics: "Southern Living", "Dessert Dolls". Then, as now, true fashion icons! haha.

tz said...

I'm hoping next year I can get on the school nursing circuit :D love love the knit leisure suit!