Saturday, March 12, 2011

Perhaps it is time for a refresher course?

Thing One comes to work with me each morning, and hangs out in my office for about 40 minutes until his school starts...which is right next door. Usually, it is not a problem...he sits and watches cartoons on the computer and eats his breakfast.

Yesterday, I had an emergency to deal with while he was still around.
Scalp wound + Nose Bleed + Orbital Fracture=Blood, lots and lots of blood. (Springtime apparently brings out the wild in some of our hot-blooded girls!)

As I am cleaning her up, some of my co-workers help get Thing One out of the clinic and away from the mess.

When I asked him this morning if he had seen anything and what his thoughts were, he casually remarked "Oh, I just thought she was having her period".

Okey-dokey, time to re-read that chapter in those books....


Mrs. Kravitz said...

That is so funny. If he only knew just how messy the world would be if that were really how it was.

Brady said...

One upon time a roid-raging refrigerator attempted to rearrange my face. After a few good whacks above the eye the amount of blood flowing was unbelievable. Face wounds bleed like none other. Must be something about the importance of the skull...
Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

Dodi said...

Laughing so hard right now!!!