Monday, January 03, 2011

Baby Mama Drama

The office phone rings this morning. It's a very worried hubby. Seems his 7 month pregnant wife fell this morning and refused to go get checked out. She insisted she come to school. Not quite awake, I'm struggling to recall which teacher in the building is pregnant. Last one I knew about delivered last month.

And then, the light bulb went off.
Wife=Student. Pregnant student (and not one I knew about...but hey, it's a big school with 2400 students. Not every kid loves visiting the clinic, though some days it seems that way)
So, I retrieved the student from class. She confirmed the story and said "But I'm fine".
I smiled and told her "too late for told your husband, he is worried, he has already called your OB and they want to see you. Welcome to the world of over-protective spouse".

I'm rather torn with this sort of drama.
At 18, it isn't the path I'd have chosen for myself nor is it the path I hope my kids find themselves on. On the other hand, this young lady is a senior, pulling straight As in honor classes and she has just one week to go until she graduates. She'll have the baby later this spring, with her diploma in her hand. And most importantly? She's got someone out there worried enough to call and check on her well being. Her road will not be easy...but with the right supports in place, maybe this young family has a chance at success. I can only hope and pray...

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ganelle said...

I know of a former EHS student who also got married while still in school for the same reason. I hated to watch them go through it all, but they beat the odds. They have been married for 8 years now, have 4 great kids and are fully involved in both the school and church community. I say - the baby isn't going away, so we might as well cheer them on.