Monday, November 01, 2010

Thankful for...Day 1

For the past two years, I've challenged myself to blog daily during the month of November. Now that I'm working full time, I've tossed around the idea as to whether I am up for such a challenge. In the end, yes, I need to give it a try.
So, here ya #1.
Today I am thankful for my job. A year ago, I was working on my return to the work force. I was filled with a full range of emotions. Could I handle it? What type of nursing did I want to do? Would I remember how to be a nurse?
This year? I've got a job that I really enjoy. Sure, some days I'm more exhausted than others. Who wouldn't be...when you factor in that I haven't worked full time in almost 14 years. It's been a huge adjustment for all of us.
But even at the end of a long day, I'm grateful for this job...for the many ways it has enriched me on a personal level, for the ways it has relieved some financial worries for our family, and well...for just being the right fit for me.

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agent713 said...

Let's hold each other to it. I wasn't sure about doing it either but so far so good :)

I have a similar post to yours coming up ;)