Friday, September 17, 2010

Power of the Peppermint

Today I had a meeting to attend. My new (and fabulous) health tech was holding down the fort. One of our frequent fliers came in reporting a tummy ache. She tossed him a peppermint and sent him back to class (see, I told you she was good).

Not long after this...we hear a radio call looking for Peppermint Boy. Seems he was AWOL.
We reported that no, we were not harboring this fugitive and the security team went searching for him.

Next thing I know, Peppermint Boy is back in our clinic. Only this time he is escorted by the Dean. Sure 'nuf, Peppermint Boy is higher than a kite. Seems he had a different idea on what would settle his upset tummy.


Colleen O said...

oh, I SO want a JOB! Mostly, so I can join in the fun kevetching with you!

tz said...

hahahaha, did you have to sniff his hands?

did he have an rx for medicinal mj?