Friday, August 06, 2010

You like what?

Driving with the Things this morning, the Teen-thing randomly blurts out "I like porn"

What? I try to remain calm...remember, this is the quirky Thing...things aren't always as they seem.

I replied with a "What did you say?"
He must have realized he goofed up as he quickly added "Oh, I meant I like the word porn".

"Now, son, what are you talking about?" (getting a little more worried where this conversation is headed)

Blushing he said," You know pictures of the girls".
heart starting to race a little faster, stay calm, don't frighten him off

"With or without clothes?" I cautiously ask

"Eww, Mom, that's gross...why would anyone like to look at pictures of girls without their clothes on?"

Ah...that's the answer I needed to hear. Crisis averted!


ganelle said...

Wow! Way to stay cool Martha!!!

YouHaveHowMany? said...

K that made me giggle.... Still a little scary, but that was great!