Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The truth is in the laundry...

Everyone warned me. Boys and their desire to bathe will diminish during the tween-teen years.
No, not Thing One. He loves his showers and his baths.

Um, yeah...even he has fallen off the shower wagon.

How did I discover it?
Folding laundry, I counted 7 pairs of boxers for the Hubby and 7 for the younger thing.

Anyone want to guess how many of Thing One's shorts I found?
TWO...two pairs....

Dude, take a shower...AND change your briefs!
Girls don't like a stinky boy...nor does your mama.


ganelle said...


Hmm, now I'm gonna have to start counting undies!

Laura said...

Yep, we've got the same issue here too. And, what's funny is I outed him in exactly the same way. I think he was more embarrased about that than the stinky pits!