Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ego tripping

It started when they invited me to join them for lunch...yeah, the cool kids let me in on where they all sit and eat lunch together. I hear that previous nurse NEVER reached this status with the office team.

Now today, I arrived to find a very sick teacher, surrounded by some concerned co-workers and administrators. We quickly sent her off to urgent care, when I remarked "my guess is it is kidney stones".

Sure enough, later on the boss lady comes to tell me "you were right, it was kidney stones". She was gushing in her praise of my assessment.

They think I'm a genius...oh my, it really does pay to be the only medical type in the building. Because seriously? it's a rather n0-brainer if it presents in a typical fashion.

Oh well...I'll gladly take another hit to the ego...
Yep, it's been a good week (even if I'm exhausted from sorting through thousands of pieces of paper without a tech to help me stay sane...)


ganelle said...

you're sooooo cooooooooolllll!!! :)

Colleen O said...

So you were sitting at the cool staff table even BEFORE you where found out to be a genious!?! Wow! Welcome back!

Dodi said...

I expect nothing less from a member of the best playgroup in the neighborhood! (Happy for you that you get to play with the cool kids!)