Friday, May 21, 2010

Lacerations, Seizures and Bottles....OH MY!

Fridays are supposed to be quiet.
Someone apparently forgot to tell "my kids".

where does one start after a day like today?

Well...there was the "princess" with the "laceration". More like paper cut, but since a knife and an art project was involved, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. She came in 3 times...and somewhere along the line I must have over-educated her on why her "wound" looked so good and didn't warrant sutures. Visit #4? I'm 99% certain she opened it up....wide enough now to be of concern. "Go ahead, you win" is what I really wanted to say...but instead? I just smiled.

Or what about the boy who had a rather major seizure (with no medical history)...right there in the library. Witnessed by the calmest people in the building (librarians...I'm finding they tend not to embellish as much as some of our other staff). Stabilized the patient, contacted the fireman hotties, and called the person listed as "Dad" on the cell phone. I can't begin to express my disappointment when his first concern was "Why an ambulance? Who is going to pay for that damn thing?". Gee glad your son was still semi-conscious and missed your caring words!

And the day ended with what I am hoping was a prank call....mystery boy calls my private line. Says he did something really stupid and how does he get "something" that is "stuck" in a bottle. He was at home and his mom was due home any minute. My co-worker roared with laughter as I said, "At this point, you'd better just put a blanket over your lap, and tell your mama you need to go to the hospital!".

And you wonder why I"m sipping Merlot still trying to unwind from the drama that luckily isn't an every day occurrence!

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Jen said...

I had no idea that being a HS nurse would yield so much great blogging! I love hearing your stories, good and bad. I think this is what you were made for. And, although I've said it before, I'm glad you're there and hope you still are in a year when I've got one there, too! :)